Welcome to the web pages of Omiljeni Partner d.o.o. company.
I would first like to say a few words about me (Dalibor Čarapić) since the company is really an extension of me and my work. I have been programming professionally since 2003 when I got my first job in a development company. Before that I was a standard geek with a passion for programming. My first experiences where with Borland Turbo C++ 2.0, continuing to HTML (3 at that time) / Javascript and finally with .NET as my programming platform of choice. Starting in 2012 I've decided to become a freelancer and opened my own company to enable me to better approach potential partners and to provide better cooperative experience with them.
If you are interested in hiring a good, diligent and experienced .NET programmer with willingness to adapt and learn new things then look no further, you have found one.

Dalibor Čarapić, CEO / Freelancer

Note: If you have landed on pages of the Omiljeni Partner d.o.o. company because of handcrafted items made by my wife Anica Čarapić then you should point your browser to http://www.carapica.hr which is a web site for that. Thank you.

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