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By | 2009-03-30

Note: I have transferred this blog from my old blog site: http://dcarapic.blogspot.com/ so I am reposting most of the stuff from there

Disclaimer (are we legal or what): English is not my native language so please do not flame (too much) if my sentences are not constructed as they should be.

Now to the real stuff: Hello to anybody who might be reading this (I guess nobody at the time I am writing this, but who knows, I might get a horde of followers in the future :)) I have been programming for some time now, several years as an amateur and several years as a paid "professional". I have started with C++ and moved on to .NET and C# when it reached 1.1. I have always wanted to share my knowledge with the programming community. The primary reason for that is that I have gained a lot of knowledge following various blogs and programming portals and I felt the need to contribute to that community.

I have opened my original blogs some four years ago and I have always pushed back my first blog since I always felt that I am not at that 'level' where my thoughts can help somebody. After all this time I realized that I will probably never be satisfied with me enough so that I can boldly blog about some subject.

So I will just blog and let whoever is reading this decide if what I write is good enough.

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