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Using .NET COM component in ASP (classic) application

Recently I had to reinstall an old ASP (classic, not ASP.NET) application which used COM components which were made in .NET. Unfortunately the components could not be instantiated (via Server.CreateObject) and I would always get an error 80131700. The solution was that you need to enable the .NET CLR on your Application Pool even though… Read More »

TIL: Double.Equals works with Double.NaN values

The .NET standard defines that the double value of NaN (Double.NaN) will never be equal to any other Double value, including itself. In other words: double first = Double.NaN; double second = Double.NaN; bool equal = first == second; // false; However this does not hold for Double.Equals. Double.Equals checks for object ‘Identity’ and not… Read More »