Using .NET COM component in ASP (classic) application

Recently I had to reinstall an old ASP (classic, not ASP.NET) application which used COM components which were made in .NET. Unfortunately the components could not be instantiated (via Server.CreateObject) and I would always get an error 80131700. The solution was that you need to enable the .NET CLR on your Application Pool even though… Read More »

InputTransparent vs IsEnabled in Xamarin Forms

One of the problems in Xamarin Forms is that it is not possible to setup the text colors of disabled elements (elements where IsEnabled property is set to false). However you do not need to set the IsEnabled property to disable it, there is an alternative property called InputTransparent. Setting InputTransparent to true (by default… Read More »

TIL: Double.Equals works with Double.NaN values

The .NET standard defines that the double value of NaN (Double.NaN) will never be equal to any other Double value, including itself. In other words: double first = Double.NaN; double second = Double.NaN; bool equal = first == second; // false; However this does not hold for Double.Equals. Double.Equals checks for object ‘Identity’ and not… Read More »

Listing all routes in ASP.NET Core application

It is pretty simple to list all routes configured in your ASP.NET Core application: Add Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Infrastructure.IActionDescriptorCollectionProvider parameter to your Startup.Configure method. If you have not done so already also add the ILogger<Startup> parameter to Startup.Configure as well Loop through all action descriptor items in the IActionDescriptorCollectionProvider and display the log information Here is an example… Read More »